Will Trade for Beer (or whatever) Festival!



That’s right, friends and fiends! It’s time for the first ever Will Trade for Beer (or whatever) Festival! We’ll spend a few hours in the park trading beer or whatever for whatever or beer! Bring stuff you want to get rid of and an empty bladder, cuz we’re gonna be drinking cold brews in the cold weather! I’ll continually update this page with info on items that will be brought for trade, so if you know you’re bringing stuff, email me (willtradeforbeer (at) gmail) and I will add your stuff to the list!

We got a BBQ grill secured! Bring stuff to trade or just come eat food and drink beer with us!

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will-trade-for-beer-or-whatever 021
Cordless drill, paints/Mod Podge/Easy Tack, ratcheting wrench set, blank CDs and DVDs, mini DV tapes, compact flash cards, mac video display adapters, car cellphone charger, composite video cable

will-trade-for-beer-or-whatever 023
Deck boxes, Electronic Chessman Pro, Risk 2210, Go, Cribbage board, Family Business, 2 Magic decks, No Thanks!, dominos

will-trade-for-beer-or-whatever 024
Many bike tires, 700c & 26″

will-trade-for-beer-or-whatever 025
Nashbar handlebar bag, stems, chainrings, hubs, bottom bracket, rear brake, seatpost, cyclocomputers, toeclips, 105 front derailleur

will-trade-for-beer-or-whatever 026
Rain pants, balaklava (it’s cold in SF, right?), Randonneurs USA wool hat (for randos only, please)

will-trade-for-beer-or-whatever 027
Pig helmet beanie, Boombotix eyes, Boombotix handlebar mount, busted front and rear lights (maybe you know how to fix stuff like this?)

will-trade-for-beer-or-whatever 029
Colored art paper, skateboard parts, fart party deluxe helmet, transparent transfer things, luchador mask, Rambo knife, YO! MTV Raps cards, The Locust cards, Star Wars Lego keychains, New Kids on the Block decals, stiff drink gag, Pope Benedict lolipop, lots of tokens to places like Malibu Grand Prix, Chuck E Cheese, & more, foreign coins

will-trade-for-beer-or-whatever 030
Cutoff brown shorts (32 waist), Jesus belt with additional buckle, Columbia hiking boots (size 12), Army belt pouch, wool sweater (size medium)

will-trade-for-beer-or-whatever 031
Virginia Woolf, Emily Dickinson, Taoist Cookbook, The French Way, The End of Poverty, Examined Life, N+1, The Belly of Paris

will-trade-for-beer-or-whatever 033
Everybody is Stupid Except for Me, Ganges, Arsenic Lullabies, Eightball, Schizo, Be a Man, Feeble Attempts, Please Please, Tales Designed to Thrizzle, Ed the Happy Clown (full set)

will-trade-for-beer-or-whatever 034
Lots of zines!

will-trade-for-beer-or-whatever 035
Metal, punk rap, indie, comedy, country, whatever CDs

will-trade-for-beer-or-whatever 036
Music DVDs, skate videos, comedic softcore porn, XBOX 360 games, and feature films

will-trade-for-beer-or-whatever 037
Badass rainbow umbrella!



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