Fan Mail RE: Will Trade for Beer or Whatever Fest

There was a lot of fan mail coming in for this my Craigslist ads for Will Trade for Beer or Whatever Fest. Before we get into the fan mail, here is the text of the ad:

Cordless drill, paints/Mod Podge/Easy Tack, ratcheting wrench set, blank CDs and DVDs, mini DV tapes, compact flash cards, mac video display adapters, car cellphone charger, composite video cable

Trading all this stuff for beer.

I will be at William McKinley statue in The Panhandle with this stuff on Saturday, June 7 11am-2pm. Check my ads for lots more stuff. Feel free to bring things to trade with folks as well. Or just bring food & beer and come hang out.


Leatte likes the idea of Will Trade for Beer or Whatever Fest!

Wow! This is a really cool idea! Every Saturday, or every other Saturday, between 11:00 and 2:00 or whatever. A trading event type deal. With today’s economy, cash is hard to come by! But we’re all good at something! That “something” might just be exactly what you have been trying to save enough money to do, and, “WA-LA”, your hooked up! (Cus he needed a professional beer drinker to taste test his new brew he is creating) And you would have never met if it wasn’t for the …….. it needs a name……… something that had do with American Indians would be cool since they did a lot of trading. Anyways, see ya Saturday! (My name is Leaette)

FYI: I never said that this was happening every Saturday or every other Saturday. I am a professional beer drinker though. Thanks Leatte!

Krystle doesn’t quite understand how this works

Krystle: Hello, are your items still available

Me: Well, since Saturday between 11am and 2pm hasn’t happened yet, they are still available. Or perhaps I should say they’re not yet available but will be tomorrow starting at 11am?

Krystle: I’ll take all items just let me know
Me: Let you know what?

Krystle: If you want me to come Today or tomorrow after 11

Me: Come tomorrow to the William McKinley statue between 11am and 2pm.


I’m not sure what wasn’t clear about when & where the stuff would be available, but LOTS of people emailed me about the cordless drill in particular, trying to get it early. I told them all the same thing, that it would be available when and where the ad said it would be. Ironically, not a single person came to ask about it and it ended up getting taken to Goodwill in the end!

Here’s another example from Bradford

Bradford: I could really REALLY use a cordless drill, do you still have it? How about the charger? I could also use the modge podge, paints, and some other things you have. Let me know, Bradford

Me: Yes I have the drill and the charger.

Bradford (hours after the Fest had ended): Hey still have the drill and other things? call me at home, 415-xxx-xxxx and we can arrange a time for me to come and get them! Thanks, It is ok to leave any amount of messages or info on my machine. Thanks, Bradford

Me: Everything left got donated to Goodwill yesterday

Bradford: I dont get it, you placed a ad on criagslist. I sent you a email telling you I wanted it, you reply, then you just donate it, Thanks alot!

Me: The ad said when and where everything would be available. You never came and I had to move homes and didn’t want to haul that stuff across the Bay

Fun times on Craigslist



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